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Meet the team

For Life employs two part-time members of staff, but we have many wonderful volunteers who contribute so much both in the London office and in Thailand. Having voluntary workers is wonderful because more money can go direct to the work in Thailand. We are so grateful to every member of the team, and to all those to put in time and effort to make the charity run smoothly.


Andrew Cooper – Managing DirecACtor

Andrew joined For Life in April 2016 and works part-time, three days a week. He is responsible for the overall running of the charity with a particular focus on fundraising.

email: andrew.cooper@4lifethailand.org


Charis Todd – Volunteer CoordinatorCT Photo

Charis has been working for For Life since March 2016 and looks after our volunteers. She organises volunteer interviews and training, as well as liaising with the team in Thailand to improve the volunteering system.

email: volunteers@4lifethailand.org



Mrs Susannah Doyle (Chair)

Dr Rob George

Mr Henry George

Miss Justine Clifford

Mrs Lydia George

Miss Olubukola Fashade