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We are always interested to hear from people who would like to volunteer with CCD in Thailand, our partner charity. CCD welcomes volunteers and professional interns from all over the world to serve and help the children, alongside their own employed staff. For Life is responsible for interviewing and training all volunteers that come from within Europe.

If you are applying to volunteer and you live outside Europe, please click here.

Activities at the day-care centres include playing with the children, providing stimulation, teaching them to feed themselves, encouraging movement, helping their speech and, most importantly, just showing them love.

Volunteers are expected to participate and help in all areas of care in order to provide for the needs of children and young people. This means supporting the CCD staff in helping children and young adults manage their self-care routine (i.e. using the toilet/changing nappies, showering, dressing), as well as helping with the day-to-day running of CCD’s projects by washing up, tidying up and cleaning.

Am I suitable to volunteer?

Volunteers must be humble and willing to serve CCD staff and children. Following instructions from the Thai staff and working in a team forms a large part of the volunteer’s role. As a CCD worker, you are representing CCD and will be expected to follow their ethical code in your treatment towards the children, CCD staff, the Government staff, and in your conduct outside of working hours. Volunteers must be respectful of CCD’s Code of Conduct and sensitive to Thai culture at all times.

Working hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm. Volunteers must be able to maintain these working hours reliably. The work is very physical in nature and will require you to sit on the floor and bend over to pick children up. Your health must enable you to do this in extremely hot and humid conditions. The work is also very emotionally draining, and therefore volunteers must show a level of emotional stability and maturity.

“Volunteering was an immensely rewarding time; being able to utilise my skills to help some very needy children, and even see some small yet significant changes in the lives of these young people. ” Lorna, Glasgow

Due to the vulnerable nature of the people you will be looking after, no-one with a previous conviction of violence or sexual abuse towards children or adults is suitable for the Volunteer role. Please see our Policy on Screening Volunteers Regarding Criminal Convictions for more information (available on request).

Will I receive any training, preparation or support?

For Life provides a mandatory training session for volunteers (prior to flying out to Thailand), which includes an introduction to CCD’s projects, Thai culture, disabilities in Thailand, CCD’s ethos, health advice, visa advice, child protection, our relevant policies and how to be a good volunteer. Once volunteers arrive at CCD, the CCD Volunteer Coordinator will arrange an induction/orientation, and is available to provide support for any concerns or queries. The For Life Volunteer Coordinator is also there to support you from the UK, and give the opportunity for debriefing and feedback to volunteers when they return home.

How do I apply?

Please email us to request an application form at volunteers@forlifethailand.org