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Children at Rainbow House over 20 yrs ago. Can you spot Kariya?

Submitted by on Friday, 25 September 2015


Can you spot her in the picture taken over 20 years ago, as one of the children at Rainbow House?

This is how she looks now.


So many supporters ask the question, What long term impact does CCD really have on the children they work with?

This summer 4Life had the privilege of meeting Kariya, her husband and her lovely daughter to witness the life changing impact CCD has had.

At the age of three months Kariya was abandoned by her family and destined for a lifetime on the State Wards. The real reasons for her abandonment are unknown, but on her records it stated she was BLIND.

Khun Chariya, retells the joyous moment she realised this beautiful baby was not blind, but was eagerly twisting her head to follow her finger. From that moment she was determined that this baby would be given a chance.

Kariya was lucky enough to become one of the children at Rainbow House and was later adopted into a loving family in Europe.

This summer reunited once again, Khun Chariya reminisced how Kariya was always the last one out of school, fascinated by the beauty of nature that now surrounded her.

“She was always late, busy picking the flowers from the road side . One day I decided I would teach her a lesson and pretend to drive off…”

…over 20 years later her husband laughs and confirms she still hasn’t changed.

Kariya’s love of nature hasn’t diminished as she is currently studying horticulture and intends to pursue a career in this field after her maternity leave.

When we ask whether we could share her story with our supporters, Kariya didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

She like many of the other children supported by CCD realise the difference they have made to their lives.

But this difference is only possible through the kind acts of generosity from 4Life & CCD supporters.
With only 5 days left of CCD’s Sensory Garden appeal we still have £4000 to raise to enable the children at CCD to enjoy the educational and therapeutic benefits of nature.

If you can help please do and lets keep making a difference.

Please donate through our website today




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