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Scrawny’s Story

Lydia George tells us of the plight of one abandoned child:scrawny3-crop

One kid I grew close to was a little girl called Ornanong, or ‘Scrawny’. Malnourished and unstimulated: 3 years old but weighing just under a stone. That was the condition she was in when I met her two years ago. Her parents – a seventy year-old man and a 30 year-old woman, who was an alcoholic. Unable to care for her she ended up in the orphanage in 2001. Her mum used to go in and visit her sometimes, but she was always drunk, and Scrawny was too young and confused to understand it.

I spent a lot of time with Scrawny at the weekends when I was out in Thailand during my gap year: I used to take her swimming, shopping, to the playground – all those things that normal children love to do so much, but which we all take for granted.

When I left in September 2003, I thought I may never see her again, but this was to change at the Pride of Britain awards, March 2004. I had been talking to a couple called Bill and Cindy Sasser the previous night, and they mentioned that they had it on their hearts to adopt a little girl.

Little did I know that they would get the opportunity to meet her on the night of the awards because the Daily Mirror flew her to London to surprise me on stage!!! She was able to meet the Sassers, who were very touched by her, and decided to try to adopt her!!!!

As of Feb last year she is settled in with her new family in their home in Mobile, Alabama.

It is so wonderful that she will now be part of such a loving and warm family, and she will be able to restore and fulfil all the things that God has in store for her life. Many people contributed to her future, and her adoption is a great testimony to the love, care and second chance that CCD can offer these underprivileged children”.

For more information on adoption, check out www.ccdthailand.org