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Rainbow House

Rainbow House is the first purpose-built home for disabled children in Thailand. It is beautifully designed with every last detail carefully planned in order to meet each child’s individual needs.

Officially opened in March 2004, Rainbow House now has around 30 full-time residents aged 0-20. They each have their own bed, their own toothbrush, their own set of clothes; their own little life. CCD staff look after the children day and night, and are always available to give them the individual attention they need.

volunteers The love that the children receive at Rainbow House helps them get over the restrictions of their disabilities and reach their full potential. Almost all of them are able to go to school and get a normal education. At the Government Homes this is not possible due to lack of staff and funds. The problem sadly gets worse when the children reach adulthood without any basic life skills and are not able to join society.  Most children are unable to leave the homes at the age of 18 because they have no way of earning an income, nor the ability to live independantly: the homes just get more and more crowded.  Independent living and confidence building are important values imparted to the residents of Rainbow House.

Rainbow House also teaches the children about family life. CCD are continuously searching for the parents of the abandoned children with the aim of reuniting them with their children.  The hope is that when the parents see that their child is growing into their full potential as a person, with CCD’s support and guidance, many children will be sent back to their natural parents. If the parents are not found, or if they are unable to take care of the child, CCD begins to look for adoptive parents in Thailand or overseas, who can give them a second chance in life.

Rainbow House is a great model of how to care for and bring up abandoned disabled children. Although the conditions are still appalling, the Government homes have greatly improved over the past few years as a direct result of the example that CCD is continually making through Rainbow House. Things are getting better, but there is still a long way to go. Donate now and be a part of it!


While the residents are at school, Rainbow House becomes a daycare centre for children from the Government Homes. New facilities are being added all the time to meet the wide variety of abilities:

Pakkred Childrens Home Pakkred Childrens Home
The Sensory Room is especially for children with severe learning difficulties to come and learn in ways that are suited to them. The Library gives children the chance for private reading and hanging-out.


In April 2006 a brand new outdoor facility was opened next to Rainbow House. Lydia’s garden was so named by the Starfish Trust of the UK who gave CCD £100,000 to purchase and build on the land after seeing Lydia’s Story (see about us) on Sky News in 2004.

The gardens are an extension of Rainbow House, serving both the residents and the children from the Government Homes.

With plenty of outdoor room, the children can now enjoy being outside in safety and security. There is a basketball court, football pitch, vegetable garden, cafe, swimming pool (fitted wih water jets for hydrotherapy), and much more. Many of the children from the Government homes have never seen grass or plants: you can imagine how exciting a daytrip to Lydia’s Gardens is for them!

The Hill is a great new place for hide and seek with its secret tunnels! Hundreds of Plants line the paths of the garden.