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For Life History

For Life has now been going for nearly eleven years.  Here’s a brief look at what we have been up to..

Oct 2003 –  Lydia Nash wins £16,000 on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and gives it all away. This enables CCD to finish building Rainbow House.

Dec 2003 –  Sky News fly Lydia out to Thailand to film a documentary about the work of CCD.

Jan 2004 –  Documentary is aired. Approximately £30,000 more is donated by members of the public to CCD as a result of Sky News and other newspaper articles.

Feb 2004 –  Starfish Trust donate £100,000 to CCD to buy the land which is now called Lydia Garden.

Mar 2004 –  Rainbow House is opened.

May 2004 –  For Life begins with trustees James and Esther Treasure, Henry George and Lydia Nash (now George!).

Aug 2004 –  For Life sign a partnership agreement with CCD to become a UK partner charity with the aim of providing funds, raising awareness and screening volunteers who go do placement at CCD.

Mar 2005 –  Total raised since Oct 2003 reaches a quarter of million pounds.