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Children’s Stories

Submitted by on Sunday, 4 March 2012

Every child we help has their own unique story. We would like to share some of the children’s stories of success and development. These stories will show just how much a child’s life can be turned around once they receive the care, support and love that they deserve. Not all stories have a happy ending. But with help from our dedicated supporters and hardworking volunteers we can bring more and more happiness to the lives of more and more children.


Ken’s Story

This is the story of three-year-old Ken and his family and the impact of their relationship with CCD. Ken’s family first became aware of CCD when they attended a routine hospital visit with Ken in Bangkok. Whilst waiting Ken’s grandmother met a member of CCD staff and a young girl with Down’s Syndrome who happened to have an appointment on the same day.

Ken’s Grandmother explained to the staff that she and her family were worried about Ken’s development and were eager to do as much as possible to help his physcial strength and his social schools so that one day he would be able to go to a local primary school. Ken was attending the children’s hospital once a month for a one hour rehabilitation session. Ken’s family were concerned that this was too little and that at the current rate of his development, a mainstream Thai school would not accept him into classes with other children his age.

Ken’s mother and grandmother decided to contact CCD for advice. Ken’s family, like most Thai families are Buddhist and had never been involved with a Christian organisation but this didn’t stop them from being welcomed with open arms. Ken’s grandmothers says, ‘We were worried that CCD might not accept us. But when the time came it was not an issue at all. We were treated exactly the same way as those who were Christain and we have always felt accepted and valued. ’

Ken was enrolled into Rainbow House daycare – a part of CCD’s Community-Based rehabilitation in the Bangkok and Nonthaburi area which is serving more and more people from the local community. When he started Ken was the youngest child in the group and he received a lot of care and attention from CCD staff and volunteers who were eager to help him develop his communication skills. His family soon noticed that Ken’s talking was becoming clearer and his language more advanced. CCD also provided regular physiotherapy for Ken, which was a great relief to his family who were concerned that his weak leg muscles may affect his walking for the rest of his life.

Ken attended Rainbow Daycare until he was three and then, following advice from CCD, his family successfully moved him to a local school. CCD encourage mainstream schooling wherever possibled for disabled children for the sake of their greater integration into Thai society. Ken is now thriving and is socialising with new friends and progressing academically. His family are still in regular contact with CCD and are very thankful for the time and love they have given to Ken.


Jurn’s Story

Jurn was just 6 years old when CCD first made contact with his family. Jurn’s parents are farmers and heavily rely on their agricultural work to sustain their household income. Jurn has cerebal palsy, which makes his participation in the family’s farming business particularly difficult.

When Jurn was young his mother and father felt they needed the support of CCD’s daycare staff so they could go out to work during the day.

CCD bought Jurn his first wheelchair and installed a walking bar in his house so that he could practice leg strengthening exercises whilst at home. CCD staff delivered physiotherapy, specifically focusing on increasing dexterity to allow Jurn to feed himself, pick things ups, paint and, later, to write.

Before CCD lent their support to Jurn’s family, Jurn could not hold an object, could not feed himself, nor use shower facilities unaided.Jurn is now 23, and owing to CCD’s intervention, has developed mobility and has learnt a number of skills which have proved life-changing. Jurn is now an independent young man, who runs his own small business!

Jurn loves the land, and decided he would use his passion and his family’s expertise to set up a flower business. Jurn runs the nursery from his home, and tends to and cultivates all his blooms alone. He trades in local markets and people travel from other provinces to buy his plants. Jurn specialises in growing bonsai trees and has an impressive collection of these magnificent plants.
Once a boy who could not hold a pencil, Jurn is now a self-sufficient businessman with advanced computer skills. CCD still make regular visits to his home to offer their advice and support if needed, and to buy his plants!

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