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Are you a professional?  Are you a qualified nurse, physiotherapist or children's worker?  If so, we would love to hear from you.

Application and Information

Read our Volunteer Specification to find out if you are suited to the role of volunteer.

Read our information for prospective volunteers if you are interested in applying to volunteer.

To apply:                                    

1. Contact for an application form
2. Complete the application form.                                          
3. Send us the form with a photocopy of your passport and 4 passport-size photos.  We are unable to process your application until we have received these.

Upcoming Training Weekends
If you are applying to volunteer at CCD within the next few months, please ensure you are able to attend one of the training weekends. Contact us for details of the upcoming dates.

Training is mandatory prior to volunteering.

Order your copy of The Lonely Pakkred Guide, written by volunteers for the volunteers!

Join The Volunteers Network (TVN) on your return from CCD to keep up to date with the latest news, to come to reunion events, and also find out how you can continue to support CCD from the UK. 

If volunteering is not for you, why not help For Life by giving us a donation.

If you need any further information please contact us by email at or telephone 020 7921 4249 or by post to For Life, Oasis Centre, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HS.

For Life Thailand


As well as their employed staff, CCD welcome volunteers from all over the world to serve and help the children. Over the last few years CCD have asked For Life to interview and train all new volunteers that come from within Europe (any exceptions are at CCD's discretion).

We are always interested to hear from people who would like to volunteer with CCD in Thailand. If you are interested in volunteering then please do read this page for details and information about applications, and then contact us by email or post. 

"Volunteering was an immensely rewarding time; being able to utilise my skills to help some very needy children, and even see some small yet significant changes in the lives of these young people. " Lorna, Glasgow

General CCD Ethos with Volunteers

CCD love having volunteers!  In fact, CCD relies on volunteers to keep a high ratio of carers to children in their daycare centres. CCD also love the fresh enthusiasm and ideas brought by volunteers from all over the world.  A good volunteer can be such an encouragement and blessing to CCD.  However, CCD ask that volunteers must cover the cost of their trip themselves.  This includes flights, food, visas and a contribution towards rent (£40 a month).  This is so that more CCD money can reach the children.  If you are not able to fund yourself, or cannot raise financial support , please do not apply. 

Once at CCD, you will be working in one of the four daycare centres - Rainbow House Daycare, Fuang Fah Daycare, Rachawadee Girls or Rachawadee Boys (for more details, see CCD page) - and possibly even in the wards themselves if you have physiotherapy or nursing skills.  CCD will allocate which daycare centre you will be working at before your arrival.  As a CCD worker, you are representing CCD and will be expected to follow their ethical code in your treatment towards the children, the Government staff, and in your conduct outside of working hours.  Working hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm. Volunteers are expected to participate and help in all areas of care in order to provide for the needs of children and young people.  You will also need to be respectful of Wasan and Chariya as the directors of CCD.

Professional Volunteers

If you are professionally-trained, you can use your skills to help the work of CCD.  Although the primary aim of all volunteers is to support the CCD staff in caring for the children, training such as physiotherapy, nursing and occupational therapy is an additional tool you can use whilst at CCD.

Please do contact us if you would like to volunteer your professional skills to CCD.

Click here to read an interview with Lorna, a doctor who recently returned from volunteering at CCD.

The Lonely Pakkred Guide

Written for the volunteers by the volunteers.

The For Life team have put together this light-hearted guide to take you through the ups and downs of volunteering, and also help you to get ready before going out to Thailand. 

If you would like a copy of the guide please send us an email and we will be happy to send you one!


Application Procedure

For many people, doing voluntary work abroad, especially somewhere as far away as Thailand is a big step, and something which should be carefully and seriously considered.  We are here to make sure that working with CCD is definitely right for you, and to help you to be as effective as you can while you are out there.  We've designed this section to give you a breakdown of the process of applying to volunteer for CCD - how long it takes and the selection criteria for volunteers.  Please do leave adequate time for the application process; we recommend at least four to six months.  Last-minute applications may be refused. 

All applicants are advised that an Enhanced Disclosure will be required from the Criminal Records Bureau before they can be accepted to volunteer at CCD.  This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings, as well as convictions and other relevant information.  Our policy on recruitment of ex-offenders is available on request.

Selection Criteria

CCD do have a limit to the number of volunteers that they can accept because of the size of the daycare centres, and according to the accommodation available.  The maximum number at any one time is 20 volunteers.  This means that if CCD is oversubscribed, not every application can be successful.  You must not book your flights until you have received official acceptance and approval of your dates.  When selecting volunteers, the following criteria will be applied:

  • Longer term volunteers will be prioritised. It takes a few months to get used to the environment and get to grips with the language. therefore CCD have a standard minimum volunteering time of three months.  Volunteers who are staying longer than this are preferred. 
  • Professional skills are prioritised.  If you are a nurse, or a physiotherapist, or have other professional skills to offer CCD, then you are more likely to be selected.
  • Earlier Applications are prioritised.  It takes some time to process your application, interview and train you in the UK.  After this, your forms are e sent to Thailand, where CCD will apply for your work permit.  You also need to apply for a Non-Immigrant Thai Visa before you leave the UK.  This, again, takes time, and so last-minute applications are less likely to be considered.  Similarly, changing your dates or details last minute may not be possible.
  • Flexible Dates will be prioritised.  As CCD cannot have more than 20 volunteers at a time, you will be more successful in your application if you can be flexible with your dates.  Between March - July, CCD are usually at their maximum, so if you apply during this time you may be requested to change your dates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in volunteering - what next?

1.  Read the information sheet and job description.  These provide you with a breakdown of the key responsibilites of a CCD volunteer and other general information such as costs. 

2.  If you still feel that you would like to apply after reading all the information, download, complete and send your application to us either by email or by post. You will need to include 4 passport-sized photos with your application form and a photocopy of your passport.  We will not be able to process your form until we have received these. 

3.  We will respond to you within ten days, and then arrange an interview at our office in London.  If you do not receive a response from us within this time, please contact us as there may have been a problem with the email, or the post!

4.  After your interview, we will contact you to let you know the outcome.  If the For Life team feel it is right for you to go then you will need to attend a training weekend before you fly out to CCD. You must not book your flights before you have heard the decision of the For Life team, as we cannot accept all applications.

Flights and Visas

You will need to obtain a visa from the Thai Embassy in order to volunteer for CCD.  Once you have been accepted we will send you a letter which you will need to take to the Embassy, along with your passport, two passport-sized photos, flight tickets and £45.  Requirements do vary between Embassies, and do sometimes change, so make sure you check with your local embassy before going!  There are more details in the Lonely Pakkred Guide.

You will also need to send us two passport-sized photos and a photocopy of your passport which we will post to CCD so they can apply for your work permit. 

Where will I stay?

CCD have a spacious house where all the volunteers live together.  The standard of accomodation is good, but you may have to share a room with other volunteers of the same gender.  You will pay CCD rent of approximately £40 per month to help them cover costs.