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Volunteer Specification

Volunteering at CCD is both challenging and rewarding. The activities involved in this include playing with the children, stimulating them, teaching them to feed themselves, encouraging movement, helping their speech and, most importantly, just showing them love.

You will also make an effort to contribute to the day-to-day running of the centre in washing up, cleaning and keeping the place tidy. The role requires:

  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm ◊ Maturity
  • Love

The work is physical in nature and will require you to sit on the floor and bend over to pick children up. Your health must enable you to do this in hot and humid conditions. The work is very emotionally draining, and therefore volunteers must show a level of emotional stability and maturity.

The suitable volunteer will be humble and willing to serve CCD staff and children. Following instructions from the Thai staff will be a large component of the volunteer’s work.

The role will involve helping children and young adults manage their self-care routine (i.e. toileting, showering, dressing). This also includes changing nappies.

Although CCD is a Christian charity volunteers of all faiths are accepted. However, the volunteer must be respectful and willing to adhere to CCD’s Code of Conduct.

Due to the vulnerable nature of the people you will be looking after, no-one with a previous conviction of violence towards children or adults or sexual abuse towards children or adults is suitable for the Volunteer role. Please see our policy for recruiting ex- offenders for more information.