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As well as their employed staff, CCD welcome volunteers from all over the world to serve and help the children. Over the last few years CCD have asked For Life to interview and train all new volunteers that come from within Europe (any exceptions are at CCD’s discretion).

We are always interested to hear from people who would like to volunteer with CCD in Thailand. If you are interested in volunteering then please do read this page for details and information about applications, and then contact us by email or post.

“Volunteering was an immensely rewarding time; being able to utilise my skills to help some very needy children, and even see some small yet significant changes in the lives of these young people. ” Lorna, Glasgow

General CCD Ethos with Volunteers

CCD love having volunteers!  In fact, CCD relies on volunteers to keep a high ratio of carers to children in their daycare centres. CCD also love the fresh enthusiasm and ideas brought by volunteers from all over the world.

A good volunteer can be such an encouragement and blessing to CCD.  However, CCD ask that volunteers must cover the cost of their trip themselves.  This includes flights, food, visas and a contribution towards rent (£40 a month).  This is so that more CCD money can reach the children.  If you are not able to fund yourself, or cannot raise financial support , please do not apply.

Once at CCD, you will be working in one of the four daycare centres – Rainbow House Daycare, Fuang Fah Daycare, Rachawadee Girls or Rachawadee Boys (for more details, see CCD page) – and possibly even in the wards themselves if you have physiotherapy or nursing skills.  CCD will allocate which daycare centre you will be working at before your arrival.

As a CCD worker, you are representing CCD and will be expected to follow their ethical code in your treatment towards the children, the Government staff, and in your conduct outside of working hours.  Working hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Volunteers are expected to participate and help in all areas of care in order to provide for the needs of children and young people.  You will also need to be respectful of Wasan and Chariya as the directors of CCD.

Professional Volunteers

If you are professionally-trained, you can use your skills to help the work of CCD.  Although the primary aim of all volunteers is to support the CCD staff in caring for the children, training such as physiotherapy, nursing and occupational therapy is an additional tool you can use whilst at CCD.

Please do contact us if you would like to volunteer your professional skills to CCD.

Click here to read an interview with Lorna, a doctor who recently returned from volunteering at CCD.

Upcoming Training Weekends

If you are applying to volunteer at CCD within the next few months, please ensure you are able to attend one of the training weekends. Contact us for details of the upcoming dates.

Training is mandatory prior to volunteering.