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Application Procedure

For many people, doing voluntary work abroad, especially somewhere as far away as Thailand is a big step, and something which should be carefully and seriously considered. We are here to make sure that working with CCD is definitely right for you, and to help you to be as effective as you can while you are out there. We’ve designed this section to give you a breakdown of the process of applying to volunteer for CCD – how long it takes and the selection criteria for volunteers. Please do leave adequate time for the application process; we recommend at least four to six months. Last-minute applications may be refused.

All applicants are advised that an Enhanced Disclosure will be required from the Criminal Records Bureau before they can be accepted to volunteer at CCD. This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings, as well as convictions and other relevant information. Our policy on recruitment of ex-offenders is available on request.

Selection Criteria

CCD do have a limit to the number of volunteers that they can accept because of the size of the daycare centres, and according to the accommodation available. The maximum number at any one time is 20 volunteers. This means that if CCD is oversubscribed, not every application can be successful. You must not book your flights until you have received official acceptance and approval of your dates. When selecting volunteers, the following criteria will be applied:

  • Longer term volunteers will be prioritised. It takes a few months to get used to the environment and get to grips with the language. therefore CCD have a standard minimum volunteering time of three months. Volunteers who are staying longer than this are preferred.
  • Professional skills are prioritised. If you are a nurse, or a physiotherapist, or have other professional skills to offer CCD, then you are more likely to be selected.
  • Earlier Applications are prioritised. It takes some time to process your application, interview and train you in the UK. After this, your forms are e sent to Thailand, where CCD will apply for your work permit. You also need to apply for a Non-Immigrant Thai Visa before you leave the UK. This, again, takes time, and so last-minute applications are less likely to be considered. Similarly, changing your dates or details last minute may not be possible.
  • Flexible Dates will be prioritised. As CCD cannot have more than 20 volunteers at a time, you will be more successful in your application if you can be flexible with your dates. Between March – July, CCD are usually at their maximum, so if you apply during this time you may be requested to change your dates.